"My artwork is all about clean lines and playful sensuality."

Light is color is space is time. Everything is in motion – a thought, an atom. Nothing is constant. We perceive time as the earth moves around the sun. The works of Camilla Richter offer a range of visual possibilities. The colors vary with the reflection of the light and create different illumination effects. By the movement of the sun tracing patterns on the walls and floor of shifting colors, formations, and positions or by the changes one imposes physically. The effect of their presence evolve throughout the day, mood-of-the- light-machines. Light and shadow, reflection, transparency, distortion, revision and colors play in the objects. This colorful impressions are subtle to dynamic, always depending on time and motion.



Elisabetta Carozzi, born in Milan on February 25th 1959.

She attended an Artistic high school and started to work at her father’s restoration studio (her father was painter and restorer) of canvas and board paintings: art, color, design and image.

After that she worked as graphic designer, creative, artistic director.

In 2016 she founded her own brand, the “Icònica” project encloses all the emotional encounters of her life, first of all with the figure of her father Enrico: from him she learned the art of contemplation.

SARA TALSO VetroGioielli

Milano, nasce nel 1981.
Figlia e allieva di Laura Morandotti, nel 2011 approda a Murano per imparare la lavorazione
al cannello. I suoi gioielli seguono una lunga tradizione e raccontano una storia affascinante
di abilità artigianale e creatività artistica. Lei oltrepassa l’eterna tensione tra artigianato e arte
creando forme insolite e organiche, aggiungendo non solo colori e nuovi materiali ma anche
emozioni. Ogni singola opera d’arte è un breve sguardo nell’anima dell’artista (che
preferisce definire se stessa artigiana), perché i suoi gioielli sono l’eco visiva di una
elaborazione intima in risposta al mondo in cui viviamo, preferibilmente legati alla natura.


Inspired by natural forms, and organic structures, I explore balance, and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour.

Coming from a background of printed textiles, and the two dimensional, I found a new passion in blown glass focussing on colour merging, and surface texture.

I became fascinated with the effects created by interweaving my cut patterns on blown glass with light and shadow.

Looking at the natural flow of colour in molten glass, I have created my own palette, mirroring the soft organic lines created when one colour bleeds into another with a biomorphic gestural form.

These moody, soft ethereal colours are reminiscent of dip dyed fabrics.

The free tonal movement incites moods and memories.

While glass is both a medium of clarity, and ambiguity, I examine its capacity to distort, and alter our view, by cutting, and stripping away it’s layers of colour, creating depth by mark making.

Working with Graal, the relationships between positive and negative ground are explored through transparency and opacity.



Born in Venice in 1969, daughter of the well-known art publisher Bruno Alfieri, today she lives and works in Milan. After many years as an Art Director, since 2015 Verde creates her first contemporary jewelry collections. With a constant research and experimentation of materials, such as paper, she has realized a different range of unique, inimitable jewelry collections presented to the public under the name Alfieri Jewel Design.

Laguna – collezione di gioielli di carta
La collezione di gioielli di carta “Laguna” nasce in occasione della esposizione
“Indaco” per la Venice Glass Week 2019.
Dedicata alla città di Venezia e alla sua laguna, ciascun gioiello è realizzato con
carta pregiata in toni diversi di blu, impreziositi da pietre dure o polvere d’oro, uniche
e inimitabili piccole opere d’arte da indossare.